This isn't your average set of sparring foot pads. These include the highest quality strap to keep snug fit around your foot. The premium quality material allows for a tighter hold and a more comfortable feel on the bottom of your foot. Take on your sparring partner wearing this Exclusive QuikStryke Branded Sparring Footgear. Made of tough, dipped foam that is contoured around the foot to allow air flow and comfortability as you spar. This Footgear is designed with pressure-release outlets at the side of the foot and the top for comfort. All of our gear utilized our innovative replaceable strap technology. This fold over strap allows for gear customization and strap swaps before or after a competition! 

  • To attach strap place double soft end of strap inside of the double hard end on the foam pad. Make sure that the logo is facing the correct direction. Fold the double sided, free floating velco on the pad over the top of the soft end of the strap. You should now see the double soft end of the strap sandwhiched between the hard velco of the foam pad. 
Size Foot Length Foot Width Hand Length Hand Width Helmet circumference
Youth Small 7.75 2.5      
Youth Medium 7.75 3 8.25 2.75  
Youth Large 8.5 3 9 3  
Small 9.25 3 9.5 3.25 18
Medium 9.75 3.25 9.75 3.5 18.75
Large 10.75 3.25 10.25 3.5 19.5
XL 11.25 3.75 11 3.75 21
XXL         22

GTMA Sparring Foot Gear

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